Llama 3

Llama 3

Meta recently introduced (opens in a new tab) their new family of large language models (LLMs) called Llama 3. This release includes 8B and 70B parameters pre-trained and instruction-tuned models.

Llama 3 Architecture Details

Here is a summary of the mentioned technical details of Llama 3:

  • It uses a standard decoder-only transformer.
  • The vocabulary is 128K tokens.
  • It is trained on sequences of 8K tokens.
  • It applies grouped query attention (GQA)
  • It is pretrained on over 15T tokens.
  • It involves post-training that includes a combination of SFT, rejection sampling, PPO, and DPO.


Notably, Llama 3 8B (instruction-tuned) outperforms Gemma 7B (opens in a new tab) and Mistral 7B Instruct (opens in a new tab). Llama 3 70 broadly outperforms Gemini Pro 1.5 (opens in a new tab) and Claude 3 Sonnet (opens in a new tab) and falls a bit behind on the MATH benchmark when compared to Gemini Pro 1.5.

"Llama 3 Performance" Source: Meta AI (opens in a new tab)

The pretrained models also outperform other models on several benchmarks like AGIEval (English), MMLU, and Big-Bench Hard.

"Llama 3 Performance" Source: Meta AI (opens in a new tab)

Llama 3 400B

Meta also reported that they will be releasing a 400B parameter model which is still training and coming soon! There are also efforts around multimodal support, multilingual capabilities, and longer context windows in the pipeline. The current checkpoint for Llama 3 400B (as of April 15, 2024) produces the following results on the common benchmarks like MMLU and Big-Bench Hard:

"Llama 3 400B" Source: Meta AI (opens in a new tab)

The licensing information for the Llama 3 models can be found on the model card (opens in a new tab).

Extended Review of Llama 3

Here is a longer review of Llama 3: