Prompt Engineering Courses


We've partnered with Maven to deliver the following live cohort-based courses on prompt engineering:

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These hands-on courses are built to compliment this prompt engineering guide. They are designed to help expand your skills and knowledge by teaching you how to effectively apply the concepts learned in this guide to real-world use cases and applications.

Elvis Saravia (opens in a new tab), who has worked at companies like Meta AI and Elastic, and has years of experience in AI and LLMs, is the instructor for both courses.

Our past learners range from software engineers to AI researchers and practitioners in organizations like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Amazon, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Asana, Intuit, Fidelity Investments, Coinbase, Guru, and many others.

Topics we provide training on:

  • Taxonomy of Prompting Techniques
  • Tactics to Improve Reliability
  • Structuring LLM Outputs
  • Zero-shot Prompting
  • Few-shot In-Context Learning
  • Chain of Thought Prompting
  • Self-Reflection & Self-Consistency
  • ReAcT
  • Retrieval Augmented Generation
  • Fine-Tuning & RLHF
  • Function Calling
  • AI Safety & Moderation
  • LLM-Powered Agents
  • LLM Evaluation
  • Adversarial Prompting (Jailbreaking and Prompt Injections)
  • Judge LLMs
  • Common Real-World Use Cases of LLMs

Reach out to for any questions about the courses, corporate training, and available group discounts.